Tips on how to install an Outdoor TV Antenna

If you are wondering how to install your outdoor TV antenna, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will go over installation tips and key elements that you should consider before permanently mounting your outdoor TV antenna.

Tip #1- Mount your TV Antenna in the highest place possible such as on the roof or in the attic. This should give you optimal performance as these areas usually have less obstacles to cause signal interference between your antenna and the broadcast tower.

Tip #2 – Test reception in and around the area where you intend to install the antenna before mounting. This can be done by following these steps:

·      Connect the coaxial cable from your TV to your antenna

·      Temporarily place antenna in desired location

·      Turn TV on using your remote and do a complete channel scan.

·      Once finished, go through the TV channels and look for signal interruptions.

·      If you find signal is not good, change antenna position slightly and do another channel scan. Repeat process as needed until you get the best signal with the most available channels.

·      Once you have the Antenna in the right position, you are ready to install.

Tip #3 – Face front of antenna in line with the broadcast tower. Even if you have a multi-directional antenna, you still need to do this to receive the best signal. It’s a good idea to check out  where the closest broadcast tower is in relation to your location. Check available stations in your area by using DTV Reception Map or Ideally, it should be no more than 65 miles away to achieve optimal reception.

Learn more about real antenna range in What is the real TV Antenna range and other facts. 

Tip #4 – Make sure your coaxial cable is good quality and that your cable runs are not too long. Long cable runs can cause signal loss and impact the quality of your installation. Cover all the connections wherever possible and use waterproof sealant if installing an antenna mast outdoors. Also, check your coaxial cable regularly for looseness or signs of wear or corrosion.

Tip #5 – If you have to use a coax splitter, minimize the number used as there is potential for signal loss. When you use a splitter, you are essentially splitting your antenna signal in half if you use a 2-way splitter, and a third if using a 3-way splitter and so on.  

Tip #6 - Keep antenna away from power lines. This is potentially dangerous. You must keep the antenna at least 20 ft (6 meters) away from power lines.  

In the event that your antenna or mast assembly comes into contact with a power line, contact your local power company. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF!

Tip #7 – Use safety precautions when installing your antenna. If you are installing it on the roof, you should assemble the antenna on the ground. Do not install if it’s windy, this can be dangerous. You want a good, calm, clear day to do the installation. 

Make sure everything is mounted securely to ensure it can support any weather conditions such as wind, snow, ice, etc. Also, make sure it is properly sealed from the elements.  

We hope these tips are helpful to you. If you are looking to purchase an Outdoor TV Antenna, SatMaximum has high powered long range and motorized outdoor antennas available. Check our great selection of TV Antennas. Enjoy HDTV local channels!