How to Connect Multiple TVs to your HDTV Antenna

We get this question all the time: Do I need a separate HDTV antenna for each TV? The answer is No. Of-cause you can buy multiple antennas for each TV but most of the time channel availability will vary from one TV to another due to location in your home.

So how to connect one HDTV Antenna to multiple TVs. The answer is simple to use Coaxial Cable Splitter and RG6 Cable.

If you want to know how to get digital TV channels in every room using a splitter, keep on reading. We’ll tell you all you need to know so that you can get the job done right.

How to Use a Coaxial Splitter With an Antenna

In this scenario, you will be using a Coaxial Cable Splitter. It will split the signal from your TV antenna then feed that data to multiple TVs. Unlike splitting a cable box, when splitting the signal from a TV antenna you can watch different channels on each TV. This is just yet another reason you may want to cut your cable and switch over to a TV antenna.

Connecting a coaxial splitter to your TV antenna is a simple task. All you need to do is attach the splitter to the coaxial cable from your TV antenna. You can then attach coaxial cables to the splitter and route them to any of your TVs throughout your house. This allows you to watch TV on any of the TVs in your home.


The only consideration you need to make is whether you need a powered splitter or a passive splitter. A powered splitter helps amplify the signal from your TV antenna to your TVs while a passive splitter just acts as a straight pass-through. Powered splitters are generally used when your antenna is far away from the TVs you want to be connected to. Both powered splitters and passive splitters are relatively low-cost pieces of equipment.

Considerations When Buying a Coax Cable Splitter

It is important to know that you are going to experience some signal loss if the cable connecting to your second TV is going to be longer than 50 feet. If you have to go farther than 50 feet with your cable, you should purchase a cable splitter or booster that is amplified, which will help you achieve a longer distance of quality output.

If you want to optimize the signal you are getting when using a cable splitter, make sure you are purchasing a splitter that only has the exact number of outputs that you are going to require. For instance, you shouldn’t be buying a 3 output splitter when you are only hooking up one additional TV to your HDTV antenna.  2Way Coaxial Splitter connection Diagram

How Much Signal Do I Lose Going Through A Coax Splitter?

While how much signal you will lose depends on the quality and length of your cables, you will always lose some signal, it is just a matter of whether the loss in signal is noticeable. This loss in signal strength happens any time the TV distribution signal has been split. To fix this, you may need to use the signal booster splitter amplifier.

We suggest using an outdoor antenna. Outdoor Antenna typically mounted higher off the ground will have better reception. In case you can not use an outdoor antenna, make sure to use a powerful indoor antenna.